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The last victory of Austria in a direct duel is already a while back. In September 7569, the Violets could prevail against the Bulls with 7: 8, since then ended all games with a draw or a victory of RB. In the last duel this season, the bulls also came out as winners, with a clear 5: 5. The two games in the first round, however, ended with two draws.


The excitement is building all over the rugby world and the only real way to make the game even more exciting would be to go in for online rugby betting. If a new punter wants to make a rugby bet and is an avid rugby viewer, live rugby betting would be advisable as you can watch the match unfold on TV or over the internet and bet on any one of a number of betable outcomes as it happens. A game like rugby really lends itself to live rugby betting with the constant action and the number of possible outcomes, high scoring and lots of scoring opportunities that could occur.


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8. DO TRY TO OBTAIN SOME VALUE IN YOUR BETS-  again in the long term it sounds like a lot more money in the bank for you. If you already have some solid knowledge about betting, you probably want to do some handicapping as well. From all the information, gathered about that team, that horse, etc, you already might be able to tell that the true possibility of that bet being successful, deserves the odds of say . So in this case wherever you can obtain for this odds of and above, it simply means, that you have obtained an edge over the house and even betting to a level stake you will be a lot more profitable.

This article is about making you look at sports-betting from a completely different angle. Up to this point, everything was about enjoying your betting and making it one of your favorite pastimes. Now we are going to have a look at sports-betting as a kind of investment of your money. And by that, we mean serious, scientific and truly profitable investment.

Live lines are fun because you can make a fortune in a minute or two and then re-bet and then do it all over again! You can literally bet all game long. Live lines are also nice if you happen to miss kickoff. They way it worked before live lines was like this if you missed kickoff there wasn’t a thing you could do, you had to wait until half time. Now you don’t have to wait.

With time and experience of bettors as a whole,  there are a number of things, that are proven to be like axioms for betting, and can be confidently called  “The golden rules of betting”.   They have established themselves as such by standing the test of time and proving on a consistent basis, that are unbreakable rules when betting and that ignoring them almost always costs the punter money, disappointment and time. If you are really a smart bettor, you won’t allow yourself to learn from your own mistakes, cause it is considerably easier and cheaper to learn from mistakes of the others. Let’s just start with the DO’S.

Coach Thomas Letsch has no problems to complain about due to injuries, but no exact position can be predicted. Letsch brought the striker Alexander Frank against ölten from the beginning and argued that he wanted to test some players for the upcoming season. Even the 68-year-old Vesel Demaku got in the last games a lot of playing time and could also come up against RB again.

This activity, rugby union betting , could then have a knock on effect upon rugby league betting which is also a truly exciting sport, the possibilities are endless.

We do believe that if you follow the above-mentioned DO’S and DONT’S, it will make you much more profitable sports investor, and will deliver your overall betting journey a lot more pleasure and excitement.

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